Our role in your
Erasmus+ Internship

Erasmus Internship
We act as a reconciler between the employer and the intern to
help the student collect the required official documents for Erasmus+ Internship.

A to Z Guidence For Interns

We will guide you through your application, interview period, and further.

Support in your journey to Turkey.

Our team may support you in finding accommodation, applying for residence permit and many other matters.
There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other." Desiderius Erasmus

Start your future with a prestigious Erasmus internship.
We will guide you through your application and interview period.

Finding Placement

We will help you to find an internship that is matching your department and skills.

Residence Permit Assistance

We will guide you through collecting the required official documents.
Turkish Residence Permit

Insurance Guidence

We will assist you in obtaining the correct form of insurance for your traineeship.

Accommodation Service

We will help you find the best place to stay. Either close to work or the city center.

Brief Explanation

How does it work?

We are a consultancy firm that provides international interns with prestigious Erasmus+ training opportunities in Turkey that will improve their CV’s and help them land a better job after graduation.

Search Through our Offers

View our offers page and try to find the most fitting internship opportunity for you.

Start with the Interview Period

Have a meeting with our consultants and receive interview hints.

Get accepted

Get the approval from your dream internship and start planning your trip.

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up-to-date offers?

You heard about Erasmus Internship but not sure how it works?

We are here to guide you in your journey to find an internship, apply for Erasmus and receive financial support from the EU.

We do not take charges until your internship is fully approved by your university.

With our specialists, and experts at
your disposal, you will easily find the best internship for you.

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