Turkish cuisine is very varied and full of different dishes. This is the reason why making a list of the best dishes is very hard.

In the following articles I will try to tell you about the foods that best represent this type of cuisine.
You must taste them at least once in your life!


In Turkish cuisine, the term borek refers to one of the nation’s oldest and most popular dishes.
Pastry, cheese, and meat are the typical ingredients that make up this dish. The only fundamental ingredient is pastry, which is always present in any variant.

Sigara Böreği, for example, are rolls filled with cheese and herbs with a delicate and slightly salty flavor. Sigara Böreği is fried and served for lunch, dinner and, even for breakfast.


Dolma is a Turkish cuisine specialty. With a delicate and particular flavor, they are almost on every Turkish tables.
They are rolls with meat and vegetables or rice and vegetables, wrapped in vine leaves and then stewed.

Although very simple, these rolls perfectly testify how different cultures have influenced this country. In fact, among the ancient Greeks was already popular consuming food wrapped in leaves.


Manti is one of the typical dishes of Anatolia (a southwest Turkish region). They are small meat and onions ravioli, generally consumed during the holidays.

This type of dish takes a lot of time and dedication. It’s very popular eating Manti with a yogurt sauce, creating the perfect combination to enhance the rich and tasty filling.

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