Going abroad for many of us is a real dream come true, to finally get close to a foreign culture or taste local dishes. You can combine this with studies or internships and enjoy staying in a different country. Sounds like a great plan and it is! The European Erasmus+ program, allows you to go to many countries to study or do an internship. The EU offers a scholarship that mostly allows you to cover your living expenses or even all of it. We will show you how you can go on the Erasmus+ program and have the best experience of your life.


There are a lot of proposals for exchange from different programs, but the most popular is the Erasmus+ program. One of them is Erasmus+ studies, where you can go to a foreign university for one or two semesters.  It is a great way for students to experience life abroad and face new academic challenges. Most students are rewarded with scholarships. You can expect between 300-600 euros, depending on the country you go to.

The application process itself is not as complicated as you might think. It is a good idea to contact the international affairs office at your university and inquire about exchange opportunities. You should also ask about the upcoming recruitment process. It is often the case that the recruitment process takes place a year before your planned exchange. You should be taking interest from the very beginning to not miss the recruitment process. Also, read about the requirements you have to meet to go on the Erasmus+ program. Usually, you need to achieve a certain grade point average and pass a test in English. It all depends on the university and it may vary, so it’s worth getting to know it before to possibly improve it.

Erasmus+ programme
Over 5,000 universities from 37 countries participate in the Erasmus+ program. Nearly 6 million students have participated in the program since it began in 1987.


Another noteworthy item is the Erasmus+ Internship. It offers an exchange to a foreign company where you can do your student internship or leave as a graduate. Going for an internship in most cases has the same requirements as going for studies. There is just one small exception which is finding a company. In the case of studies, universities have numerous agreements with foreign partner universities. However, in the case of an internship, it is the student’s responsibility to find a place to practice. This exchange also has an extra 100 euros compared to the scholarship for Erasmus+ studies.

If you are currently looking for a place for your internship take a look at our internship page or consult with our experts who will be happy to help. They can also help you through the application process or find accommodation. They’ll even find you a tailor-made job that fits perfectly with your studies. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use our chat room. 

Don’t wait until the last call, start planning your trip today. Needless to say, going on an Erasmus+ program is a big plus in your CV. Especially if you are just taking your first steps on the job market.

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