Before you start looking for a job it is a good idea to update your resume. Many people use the same CV for months or even years without changing anything in it. Even if your responsibilities and achievements have not changed, the trends are changing too. Nowadays, aesthetics also play a big role. Therefore, before you start looking for your dream job, start by updating your resume and making at least small tweaks, but ones that can make a big impression on the recruiter. 

How to Update Your Resume

1.Fix your formatting

Proper formatting is like looking neat for a job interview, it is always a good idea to wear something more formal or elegant. Now think about it, it’s similar to your CV, don’t want it to look like a total mess.

  • Margins at 1″ on all sides
  • A resume layout should be elegant and appropriate
  • If the employer does not specify a format for the CV, always save it as a PDF
  • Name your resume, don’t leave a default name with different numbers or characters

2. Update Your Resume to the Job Offer

Many people often spam their CVs without paying attention to the requirements at all. Show that your resume is specifically tailored to the company. If you have a lot of work experience, then consider which ones will be valuable to the company you’re applying to.

If you don’t have a CV or you are thinking about creating a new one, you should think about Canva. There you can find ready-made templates and you can be inspired by them or even use them. It is a free tool and if you are thinking about making changes in the future, you will definitely like this site. It is very easy to change everything on your resume and you don’t have to have any graphic or IT knowledge.

3. Add additional sections to your CV

Many people think that the most important skills are just professional work experience or education to list in their resume. They are wrong! 

Consider adding additional sections and show your interest in different majors and that you are up for the challenge.

  • Volunteering – it has the same meaning as a regular paid job, it also shows your willingness, knowledge, and skills
  • Foreign Languages – If you know two languages or more the better. In a time of globalization, employers are looking for people with the language skills to work in an international environment
  • Projects, awards, or achievements – when updating your resume is not about being humble, you need to show off. Of course, if you are applying for a marketing manager position, an award for a music competition may not be that important. Just keep it relevant.

Of course, you can still change a lot of things such as a photo, or think about refreshing your job description. Also, try not to go too overboard with updating your resume because you might also overdo it. A good CV should be no more than two pages long and concise. Don’t lie or exaggerate your achievements, try to show your achievements as they are. Everything will be verified at the interview! If you’ve been invited to an interview, now all you have to do is find out how to prepare for an interview. 

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