For many, going on an Erasmus is a real dream come true and an opportunity to live on your own. For many of you, it can also be the first time that you don’t live with your parents. Therefore, it’s worth taking care of good accommodation and spending some time finding it. Just be careful. Here are some tips that you might find useful when trying to find accommodation in Turkey and how to search for housing.

How to find accommodation in Turkey for Erasmus - Moving to a new appartment

1. Dormitory

The first and safest option may be a dormitory. The problem is that sometimes colleges don’t have their dorms. You should also pay attention to the condition of the dormitories, ask for pictures of the room and ask if they are double or single rooms. Dorm prices vary depending on the city or type of room. But you can expect prices between 600TL-1000TL. When living in a dorm it is also worth remembering that the kitchen and bathroom are almost always shared. Keep that in mind, if you want more privacy, then choosing a dorm may not be the best way.

2. Shered flat

Alternative options to the dormitory may be sharing an apartment with friends or renting a room. If you are interested in this option you need to do some good research. There are many groups on Facebook where people offer rooms in their apartments. Find accommodation options and check them out when you come to Turkey. It’s a good idea to give yourself some room to maneuver so you won’t be left out in the cold. I recommend choosing 2-3 rooms and checking them when you arrive. Also, get to know your roommate, it may turn out that you have a lot in common and you will be living with your friend. 

Don’t forget to talk about the rental conditions! Discuss the deposit, the price of rent, and the costs in case of damage. Room rates can usually be a little more expensive than dorms, but not significantly. You can expect prices from 600 TL up to 1100 TL. It also all depends on how big the apartment is and how many people live in it.

3. Private apartment

Another option is find accommodation in Turkey for your own apartment. This is an option for people who have more money to spend on rent. Here the issue seems to be the most complicated. A good strategy might be to ask a local for help. Your buddy from university or someone from work can assist you in contacting your landlord. 

Some of the most famous sites for searching flats are: 

  1. Sahibinden 
  2. Emlakjet 
  3. Hepsiemlak

Just pay attention to a couple of things when searching for a flat.

Some of them are not furnished so be sure to mark in filter search that you want a furnished flat; a lot of flats are without Internet, so also pay attention to that component. 

Some flats are rented through an agency, which means you will pay commission to them. In case You do not want to do that, mark in the filter that you want a flat directly from landlords. 

The average price for a private flat is from 1500-3000 TL, depending on the location, furniture, etc.

Utilities are around 300TL during the wintertime with heating might be slightly higher 

Another important thing is that some landlords are willing to rent a flat with a contract for one year. So don’t be surprised if you have some difficulties in finding accommodation in Turkey for a shorter time. Also, one thing to be careful is that if people see that you are a foreigner there is a big possibility that they will charge a higher price than usual, but don’t worry, you can always bargain, it is a normal thing here and they will lower the price for you. 

4. Accommodation service – Intern Network Turkey

As you may have noticed, finding accommodation is not that easy and requires a lot of work. You also need to remember the formalities that will later be needed for permit residence. Finding a safe place close to where you work is very important, especially if it is your first time in Turkey.

Choosing to stay in one of our safe houses will save you from the stress of finding a flat, worrying about a possible roommate, or paying the bills. You can check our accommodation service facility. Our professional team will find you safe accommodation in Turkey according to your needs and requirements. By choosing our service you can count on the possibility to be roommates with other Erasmus Interns.

Choosing an Erasmus apartment is probably the most difficult thing you will have to go through. However, if you stick to the tips or if you trust our consultants, you will find an amazing place.

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