Turkey is famous for many things, but probably everyone has heard of Turkish cuisine. Today we will talk about the most popular variety, which is Turkish street food. In Turkey, we can find a real range of flavors, combined with fresh local brews allowing for an amazing experience.

Turkish Street Food - Baklava

1. Çibörek

Çibörek is a dish characteristic of the city of Eskisehir. ‘Çi’ word means ‘delicious’ it comes from the Tatar language. This is a great description of this Turkish street food. Ciborek is crunchy and full of filling that melts in your mouth. It is definitely a meal for everyone at an affordable price. One serving consists of 5 pieces of Çibörek to which Ayran is also served.

The most common version is with meat, but you can also find a cheese version. It is a very good alternative for vegetarians.

2. Tantuni

Tatnutni has several versions, it can be served with chicken or beef meat.T antuni is definitely one of the better night Turkish street food that you can find. The second option is to choose how to serve it, the meat can be wrapped in Lavaş bread, then we call it Durum. Another option is to ask to be served in normal bread.

The secret of Tantuni is that the meat must be crushed into very small pieces. Then it is boiled in salted water and fried in cotton oil.  The next step is to wrap the meat in Lavaş bread or normal bread. Toppings such as onion, tomato, green bell pepper, and parsley are added inside. 

This all gets mixed with various spices such as pepper, salt, or other herbs.

3. Tavuk Pilav

Tavuk Pialv is an incredibly simple meal that can be so much fun to eat. As its name suggests it is nothing but Tavuk – Chicken, Pilav – Rice. The rice is cooked with butter, which makes it smooth and adds a buttery flavor. Sometimes you can find versions with chickpeas. The cooked chicken is served on top of the rice and that’s really it! Simple and very delicious dish, this is the true essence of Turkish street food.

4. Kumpir

The name Kumpir comes from the Slavic language and means potato. In spite of appearances, it is not a regular potato, it is definitely bigger than its regular brother. Before serving it is baked in the oven, then the center is drilled and butter and cheese is added. Then the potato is stuffed with various ingredients such as sausage, pickles, corn, cheese, or Russian salad. In fact, everyone can make their own unique Kumpir. One of the most famous Kumpir places in Turkey is located in Ortaköy district of Istanbul.

These are still only a few of the delicacies that you can find in Turkey, there are definitely more. There is nothing else to do but come here and try amazing Turkish street food. If you want to read more about Turkish cuisine. See our previous article where we introduced you to more traditional Turkish dishes.

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