You made a decision to intern abroad and now is the time to find an internship firm. You have two options; you can either search for one by yourself on various websites or you can use an internship placement agency to guide you.

Going alone through the whole process of finding and landing an internship, to preparing all the documents and finding accommodation abroad can be stressful. Using an agency means that you will have expert assistance throughout the whole process.

Assistance with finding an internship firm

The first step in finding an internship abroad is searching for suitable offers. Instead of spending hours scrolling through various pages, you can take help from an agency. Recruitment experts will find the best offers for you, based on your education and interests.

Once you choose the internships you want to apply for, the agency will guide you in preparing a CV, as well as help you prepare for an interview. After you have been accepted for the internship the agency will help you prepare all the necessary documents according to your university’s requirements.

Support with other necessities to live abroad


Finding accommodation in a foreign country is usually not an easy process. You have to search for apartment listings, send a lot of messages to potential landlords who might not speak English. Along with that, you must be aware of scams, as you are usually not able to view the apartment beforehand, if you want to have a place to stay once you arrive. If you use an internship placement agency they will save you from all that stress and worrying. They will find a safe accommodation for you and you will most likely have an international roommate.  


If anything goes wrong while you are staying abroad, having an insurance will be very useful. As otherwise high health cost might become a problem. In some cases obtaining an insurance is mandatory to receive a residence permit. The agency will save your time in researching which insurance you need and will find the best insurance firm, as well as help you with your application.

Assistance during the internship

In case any problems arise during your internship, the agency can assist you. For example if the internship isn’t at all what you expected and your tasks are not as initially agreed on, they can have a discussion with the internship firm and help you find another placement.

If you are currently looking for an internship in Turkey search through our offers and apply for the best opportunity for you.

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