When you go abroad for an Erasmus exchange, you will need to find a place to stay. If you are going to do your exchange in Turkey, you can use our Accommodation service and we will find a safe accommodation for you and save you from the stress of finding a place.
If you want to find accommodation on your own you can choose between a dormitory or an apartment, but in all cases you will most likely have one or more roommates. There are many benefits to that. You will always have someone to talk to or ask for help. Your rent will be lower. It’s also way more fun to explore your Erasmus country with other people.

However sharing space with others can also be challenging. Adjusting to a new life away from home isn’t always easy. You will be spending a lot of time with people whom you share your apartment with. Therefore, they are pretty important to your everyday life at an Erasmus exchange and they could make or break your experience.


A direct and respectful communication is the key to create a comfortable environment for yourself and your roommate. Spend some time at the beginning, when you arrive at your Erasmus exchange and agree on the main rules about cleaning and chores. This will prevent conflicts from happening. Talk to each other about any concerns or questions. If you don’t like something or don’t feel comfortable with something your roommate is doing, communicate about it.  

Respect each other’s privacy

If your roommate comes from a different culture than you, there might be some things they do differently than you. A good tip is to set healthy boundaries and respect their privacy. Most importantly don’t use anyone else’s property without permission. At the beginning you will need some time to adjust, but after some time you will start to understand each other’s living style.

Get to know each other

Always be friendly and try to get to know your roommate. The reality is that you won’t always become friends with your roommate, as you might be complete opposites from each other. But it’s essential that you take things slowly, keep friendly communication and you might get a friend for life. The best part about having an international roommate at your Erasmus exchange is having the opportunity to learn about their culture. They can introduce you to their traditions and cuisine and vice versa. In many cases you will also be able to meet your roommates friends and have a chance to expand your social circle.

Be considerate

When you are sharing your space with another person you have to be considerate towards them. Make sure to clean after yourself and do the dishes after you use them. Don’t leave items laying around the apartment. If you are staying up late and want to watch a movie or listen to music, use headphones to not wake up your roommate.

Living with a roommate is a fun experience, but it also comes with certain struggles. If you follow these tips you can build a great relationship with your roommate and create a comfortable living environment for the both of you.

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