Estimated Cost of Living in Istanbul

Istanbul is a big city with many possibilities.
These costs may differ according to your preferred lifestyle.

Food € 200

One of the best ways to learn about Turkish cuisine is through street food or local bazaars. There are always a variety of choices such as simit, gözleme, balık ekmek, lahmacun, pide, and kokorec.

If you are looking to go to a diner or a restaurant, you can expect the price to be somewhere between 50 to 120 TL for a meal. For fine dining or high-end restaurants, you will need to have a higher budget to pay more for the food and service.

Miscellaneous € 20

It includes various expenses such as phone plans, clothing, and personal care. One of the larger miscellaneous expenses could be a phone plan. Depending on the company and phone plan you are getting, it can cost between 60 to 150 TL on your budget.

Accommodation € 300- 859

Coming to Turkey for the first time, renting a place could be challenging without knowing the language as a tenant.

We have the safes houses located in Kadikoy. In a flat of three bedrooms one bathroom, you will be sharing a home with two interns in a central location. It is also a great central location for public transit that includes the ferry. With utility fees included, it will be easier for you to plan the total cost of living when calling Istanbul as your new home.

Erasmus+ Internship

Transportation € 37

Public transportation is essential to calculate the cost of living in Turkey. There are a variety of methods of transportation in Istanbul. This includes bus, minibus (dolmus), Metrobus, metro, ferry, tram, and taxi (taksi). To make it easier for your visit, getting an IstanbulKart is highly recommended.

Cost of Living in Turkey- Istanbul