Why choose our placement services?

We act as a reconciler between the employer and the intern to help the student collect the required official documents for Erasmus+ Internship

Our placement consulting service includes;

  • Introduction to the firm and managing the interview procedures,
  • Preparing the paperwork necessary for the intern to participate in Erasmus Programme,
  • Collecting the signatures and stamps from the firm,
  • Providing detailed instructions about residence permit application,
  • Providing accommodation options,
  • Making revisions on the documents and re-collecting the signature and stamps if required.
  • Getting everything ready until the intern’s deadlines.

Find an internship in Turkey that is matching your department and skills.

We will guide you through your application and interview period.

Best Consulting

We will guide you in preparing a CV and getting ready for an online interview. After providing you with the most suitable internship offers, we will arrange an online interview with the firm representative and support you during your meeting.

Acceptance Period

When both parties agree, we will prepare the required documents for your Erasmus Internship at your university. We prepare the documents according to your university’s requirements and collect the signatures from the internship firm.

Receive Useful Information

We will provide you with information about the residence permit and accommodation. The residence permit is the official document that will allow you to stay and work in Turkey for longer than 90 days.

Required Documents

Required documents depend on the university you are applying from.

Most universities ask for the following documents to be filled in, signed, and stamped.

However, if your university has other requirements, we will also fulfill those requirements as well.

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