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Work Permit Exemption is very important & mandatory to obtain for pursuing an Erasmus+ internship in Turkey. Erasmus Interns are obliged to apply for the “Work Permit Exemption” as it is considered their responsibility.

Required Documents

  • Internship proof
  • Passport Photocopy
  • Biometric Photo
  • Valid Health Insurance
  • Work Place Social Security Number
  • Address Information of your apartment & work place
  • Student Certificate
  • Erasmus Confirmation Letter

How Can We Help You?

Our team may guide you through the application process.

Work permit exemption process which might be confusing and bothersome.
Our experienced team can work on the application with you to make it easier.

Collecting Required Documents

Our team helps you with collecting the documents to meet the requirements.

Work Permit Exemption Arrives

The Ministry of Labour and Social Security evaluates the applications and if approved, sends the Work Permit Exemption to the applicant’s address.

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