Erasmus Residence Permit Requirements according to the Turkish Government

About Turkish Residence Permit

Turkish Residence Permit is a very important ID card that is mandatory to obtain for pursuing an Erasmus+ internship in Turkey. Erasmus Interns are obliged to apply for the “Short Term” Residence Permit.

Turkish Residence Permit

Immigration Office

Immigration Office collects and evaluates the applications, to issue Residence Permit to the applicants who managed to provide the correct documents.
Turkish Residence Permit

Correct Documents

It is important to provide the correct documents since the Immigration Office will evaluate the applications according to those documents.

All of the documents should be collected after arrival.

Required Document List

An online application form to be filled on goc.gov.tr
It must be signed by the intern.

Pages containing identity information and the page containing the photo and processed pages.

Must have been taken within the last 6 months, against a white background and biometric.

The insurance period must cover the intended residence permit duration. Your insurance must contain Liability Coverage. Read more on this link.

Internship document to be obtained from institutions or organizations where education/internship will be received(e-signed/signed and stamped/sealed document)

Copy of your rental agreement. We may provide this document if you use our accommodation service.

Payment is made after your arrival, at the tax office or online via Interaktif Vergi Dairesi (Average 75-100 TL)

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    Collecting Required Documents

    Our team helps you with collecting the documents to meet the requirements of the Immigration Office.

    Delivering Application Folder

    We take an appointment from the Immigration Office as a Consultant Firm and deliver the application folders all at once for our interns.

    Preparing the Application

    Immigration Office requires the documents to be prepared in a certain order and format. We prepare your application folder to meet their criteria.

    Residence Permit Card Arrives

    Immigration Office evaluates the applications and if approved, sends the Residence Permit Cards to the applicant’s addresses.

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    Turkish Residence Permit