"Istanbul is a magical seal which unites Europe and Asia since the ancient times.
Without a doubt, Istanbul is certainly the most beautiful place of the world."

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as Erasmus destination?

We could come up with 99 reasons to do an internship in İstanbul yet none of these reasons will be as good as the reason you got in your mind.

Heroic History

Turkey has been the center of civilization since the beginning of history. Here, in Turkey, you can walk the same paths as ancient humans. (Some might be one of your ancestors.)

Beautiful Scenery

Turkey is a historical country surrounded by beautiful three seas, making the whole country a giant peninsula. So if you like nature, you will find the most fascinating natural beauty here.

Center of Art

Home of museums, exhibitions, workshops, and authentic artists. If you are into art, you would be amazed to see any form of art that pops up on every corner.


The currency difference between Euro and Turkish Lira makes life easier in Turkey. You would spend half of the money you normally spend in your country and yet you would still live better.

Got interested in the living conditions in Turkey?

Learn more about the cost of living (İstanbul).


Traditional Food

And friendly locals!

Turkey is famous for its traditional and rich cuisine.

Being the bridge between the Western world and Eastern traditions, the Turkish kitchen grew to be most exciting and delicious around the globe.

Wide Variety

Turkish food promises you the old Ottoman flavors mixed with the distinguished tastes of Greece combined with the hot spices of the Arabic culture.

You can stay in Turkey on a tight budget.

Cost of living
is affordable
with the Erasmus Grant.









Erasmus Programme will provide you with monthly grant money varying from €400 to €750 depending on the country/university you are applying from.


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