Erasmus is an international exchange program funded by the European Union.
More than 3 million students had the possibility to live and study abroad, making new friends and learning a new language.

There are a lot of reasons why the Erasmus exchange program is definitely worth your attention, to help you we have summarized it all in six simple points.

Upgrading your curriculum

Nowadays knowing a foreign language and having international experience is essential if you are looking for a new job. The Erasmus Project can give you the chance to stand out from the other candidates.

This matters in your country but also in every foreign country. More qualified experiences you have, the more possibilities you have to impress the employer.

After leaving the student comfort zone and entering the job market, graduates with no work experience find themselves in an extremely difficult situation when they’re looking for the best offers.

Doing an internship abroad after graduation is the most effective bridge between the end of student life and the real entry into adulthood and investment in a future career. You shouldn’t waste your time on being unemployed or taking on random jobs that don’t meet your expectations!

Take advantage of the Erasmus+ Programme and go abroad to gain unique professional experience and to expand your curriculum.

Guaranteed fun

Erasmus is not just work and study. 

You will meet so many people from different cultures, see so many new places and live so many unique experiences.
it’s really impossible not to have fun!

Enjoy every single moment of your experience so that in the future you will never regret anything.

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