While you are looking to participate in an internship in a foreign country, the experience is important to consider. While many people focus on travel and new experiences, it is equally rewarding for your career development. This is because Erasmus internships offer you potential opportunities once you start working full time. 


Global Awareness 

Being an Erasmus intern, you get to explore a brand new experience since you stepping out of your comfort zone. With globalization, many companies have begun looking for employees with strong cultural awareness and experience working with a diverse audience. If you are hoping to work in a foreign country or with people from various cultures for your future career, being an Erasmus intern is a perfect chance for you! 

With your overseas internship experience, you get a sense of what to consider when working with those from different backgrounds. For example, you might need to rephrase your language and explain yourself as some words might not exist in other languages. My advice to those who consider working in a foreign country would be to keep an open mind. After all, the media mistakenly portrays stereotypes to some people based on their gender, race, sexual orientation, social class, etc. Being abroad, you get the chance to experience it first-hand and be able to break down stereotypes and assumptions.

More importantly, you will have the chance to highlight your global awareness and cross-cultural skills on your resume. These opportunities will be excellent asset to make sure you stand out from other candidates when seeking employment opportunities in the future. 

Work Culture Variation 

Coming to Turkey, you might be surprised by how many cups of çay everyone might go through every day in the office. I remember questioning others on why the position of the two chairs for clients face each other instead of facing the table. Every country has its unique written or unwritten rules in the workplace. For instance, in Turkey, the staff is expected to answer work-related phone calls or emails even during off-hours in various places, but some companies, mostly the international ones, have policies against this behaviour. Knowing these cultural variations, it helps you to understand what is considered culturally appropriate in a workplace. 

Going to a new country for your Erasmus internship offers you the opportunity to learn about different variations of new cultures. That prepares you to stay open-minded and aware of any cultural differences when building your career. Moreover, because you are a student intern, employers tend to be more understanding and flexible with your work performance. However, it gives you the perfect opportunity to learn and explore expectations in a foreign workplace for your future career. Ultimately, you may experience cultural shock with a different set of expectations. If you would like to learn more about the business culture in Turkey in particular, click here.

Working Abroad as a lifestyle 

If you have ever wondered how it would be like to have a career abroad, this internship is a perfect way for experimentation. By choosing an Erasmus internship from 2 to 12 months, you get to explore the lifestyle based on your preferences. Also, compared to other continents, Turkey is not as far away from home. If you ever get homesick, you can jump on the plane and visit your home for a weekend trip. 

With the Erasmus internship experience, you get a taste of knowing how it is like to be working overseas. Knowing that working abroad is a lifestyle you prefer, it will be easier for you to plan your future career and what you might like to have in it. When looking for a full-time job once you graduate, you would know whether this is an option for you or not.

Networking opportunities 

During your Erasmus internship, you get the opportunity to meet employers, fellow employees, or even business partners in some cases. If you stay in one of our safe houses, you can even meet other Erasmus interns. It is a great way to expand your professional networks through various platforms across the globe! These networking opportunities can lead you to new possibilities that you have not anticipated at the beginning! With that, you can further articulate your skills in a professional setting and reach out for new opportunities for future careers.

If you are ever interested in being an intern in Turkey, feel free to check out our link here. Send us an email if you have any questions!

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