Going to an Erasmus internship and moving abroad for the first time is an exciting opportunity, however it is not always easy. The first few weeks of being in a new country are usually packed with activities. You are exploring your new city, getting to know your internship responsibilities, meeting new people, etc. However once the excitement of being in a new country dies down you might start to feel homesick. This is a normal part of moving abroad and it happens to many people. Here are 5 ways to help you cope with feeling homesick on your Erasmus internship.

1. Focus on the positive side

When you feel homesick you usually start having mostly negative thoughts and feelings. That’s when you should try finding positive things around you. Remember that your Erasmus internship will only last for a short time and the time to return back to your country will come very fast. So try to make the most out of it; explore and experience everything your new country has to offer.

2. Make your room feel like home

When you first arrive to your new room, it will not feel like home at all. It will be empty with nothing to remind you of home. That’s why you should make your new room totally yours. You can do that by decorating it with the things you like and which match your personality. Bring things from your home; this can be pictures of your family and friends, a stuffed animal or any decorations. You can also purchase some items which will create a comfortable environment for you.  

3. Create a routine

While living abroad for an Erasmus internship your life will most likely be very different from your life at home. That’s why it’s important that you create a new routine and keep up with your hobbies. For example; if you like to dance, join a dance club. Try to keep yourself busy throughout the day. Along with continuing current hobbies you should learn something new. This could be learning the local language or you could join any clubs you are interested in. This way you will be having fun while you are engaged in new activities.

4. Keep in touch with your family and friends

Being away from your friends and family is usually the main reason for homesickness. Technology is a brilliant way to stay in touch with them, as it can almost make it feel like they are with you. Try to schedule regular calls at a time when everyone is available and update them with exciting events happening on your Erasmus internship.

5. Keep a journal

If you feel like you have nobody to talk to about your feelings, write them in a journal. Journaling is a great way to let your emotions out and at the end you will feel much more relieved. Along with that write about your new experiences, everything from good to bad. At the end of your Erasmus internship you will have a journal filled with memories you can look back to and see how much you have grown in the past few months.

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