Turkish cuisine is very varied and full of different dishes. This is the reason why making a list of the best dishes is very hard.

In the following articles I will try to tell you about the foods that best represent this type of cuisine.
You must taste them at least once in your life!


Kebab is undoubtedly one of the most famous specialties of Turkish cuisine in the world.
In Turkey there are about 50 different varieties of Kebab. They can differ in meat, vegetables, or different methods of preparation.

The term kebab literally means “roasted meat”, among the most widespread and exported variants all over the world there are certainly the döner kebab and the durum kebab.

In the döner kebab, the meat (lamb, sheep, chicken, or beef) is cooked on the classic spit and served in a sandwich together with vegetables, onions, and yogurt sauce.
On the other hand, the durum kebab has more or less the same accompanying ingredients, but the meat is served inside a rolled “pide”.

If you travel through Turkey going as far as Cappadocia, in central Anatolia, you may find another absolutely excellent variation of Kebab, the Testi kebab.
A specialty made of meat seasoned with tomatoes, onions, and vegetables, cooked on the grill, in small amphorae closed with a crust of bread.

The testi kebab is a unique experience for enjoying meat. One of the reason is the type of cooking that ensures the ingredients blend perfectly.


Kofte is a typical Turkish cuisine meat-based dish, which, like kebab, has many variations.

In Istanbul, but also in other areas of Turkey, it is possible to find the kofterie, nice restaurants specialized in meatballs that serve these delicacies cooked on a spit.

Generally these meatballs are made with lamb but it is not difficult to find kofte based on beef or veal.
You can eat kofte with the classic yogurt sauce.


Lentils, like other legumes, are a staple food in many regions of the Middle East.

The consumption of cereals and legumes is very popular in Cappadocia and in the turkish cuisine. Therefore it is possible to consume many tasty soups.

For example, red lentil soup, a delicate and nutritious dish that generally includes vegetables and greens such as potatoes, squash, tomato, celery, and parsley.

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