In the era of coronavirus, a large number of people have been thrown into a whole new mode of work which is a home office. Time management is such a work mode is almost that necessary. Many of us have had to learn how to do this, some already had their methods in place. Many people tend to put a lot of things off and sometimes this amount of tasks can overwhelm us. Especially if you procrastinate for a long time. In this article, we will show you how you can effectively manage your time to be even more productive. You will never waste your precious time again and it’s all according to the principle “time is money”.

To-do List for better Time management

To-Do List

It will be easier to work if you prepare a to-do list the day before or even the same morning. Attitude is important, if you get up every morning and successively prepare a list it means that your day will be productive. With such a list, your time management will be better because of the schedule prepared beforehand. 

Important/Non Important 

You have to decide which tasks are urgent and need to be done first, and those that can wait can be left for later. It is very important to sort out these tasks and set yourself an action plan according to this. It is a good idea to set yourself deadlines and try to stick to them. Such actions will allow you to improve your time management and you will stop focusing on less important tasks

Avoid Distraction

Often while we are working we are distracted by the various sub-noises that come at us from all directions. Social media, games, phones, or music, it is important to cut ourselves off from these things that prevent us from focusing. We often get notifications or messages from our friends while we are working and unfortunately we can’t stand it and we keep checking what the message is, even though most of the time it’s not important. 

Friends can also distract us at times. Constantly hanging out with friends can cause us to postpone our tasks in favor of our friends. The most important thing in time management is to properly estimate how much a given task can take. We often overestimate our abilities and think that we can get something done later. Such behavior is not good if we want to have a well-rounded life.

Time Management Not So Scary

As you can see, time management is not that difficult at all. You just need to plan everything well and consistently strive for your goal. It is also worth being assertive and in some situations just say “NO”. There is nothing else left for you but to open your calendar and start writing your plan for the next few days. You can also start planning your Erasmus+ trip, don’t wait until the end or you might miss the application deadlines. It is worth keeping track of the application dates at your university.

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