Many times we have written the arguments about why you should go on an Erasmus Internship. Today we will show you how an Erasmus Internship can change your life 180 degrees. Many people do not realize how many micro things shape our character or can change our perception of the world. It is these things that can change your life beyond recognition, stay and see what a huge impact an Erasmus Internship has on your future.

How can an Erasmus internship change your life?

Citizen of the World

After graduating from an Erasmus Internship, there is one thing for sure. You are more likely to move to another country. A whopping 40% of former Erasmus students did, but only 23% of their classmates. Even students who are still in their home countries have a much more international perspective, partly due to their experience with Erasmus. 93% of former Erasmus students can imagine living and working abroad, but 73% of their classmates are at home.

Many people become more open to the world, to people, or to change. If you’re a former Erasmus student, you probably know what the adrenaline, uncertainty, and anxiety that comes with your first Erasmus trip are like. Later on, you turn these feelings into love for the place you live in.

Development of special skills

Erasmus Internship develops you in many aspects, another of them is the skills that are highly demanded by current employers.

  • Openness and curiosity for new challenges. This ability is highly valued by employers. Such skills can secure you a higher place in the recruitment process for future jobs. 
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills. You will undoubtedly encounter many problems on your Erasmus journey, but it is solving them that will develop your skills. 
  • Personal trust and professional responsibility. You will also have to deal with the challenges that pertain to day-to-day work, you will develop your own pattern of operation. 
  • Greater tolerance towards the personal values and behaviors of others. Working in an international environment with people who have different points of view can broaden your perspective greatly.

Private life after Erasmus

Of course, life is more than a job or a career. Therefore, it is probably not surprising that the use of Erasmus has a positive impact on your personal life. It turns out that 33% of Erasmus graduates have life partners in other countries, compared to only 13% of alumni. Almost 27% met this partner during their stay abroad. Many people also find lifelong friends with whom they keep in touch even after returning to their home country.

The Erasmus Internship program combines gaining professional work experience with amazing journeys and new challenges. This one decision to go abroad can change you so much that you will not want to go back to your old life. The only person who can change your life is you. The list of advantages of going to Erasmus is almost endless. If you need something new, there is nothing better than going on an exchange.

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