You are seriously thinking about moving abroad, but you don’t know how to go about it and where to start. You are probably thinking about either studying, an internship, or volunteering abroad, but you don’t know what is best. The truth is that every option is good. The benefits of moving abroad can be professional, personal, and interpersonal development and growth.

Here are some ideas on how you can go abroad and try to live like a local.

Moving abroad/packing

1. Volunteering

Something more unique and out of the ordinary than studying, which is the most common option. If you’ve never experienced volunteering before, it’s worth it to try at least once. It may turn out to be the adventure of your life. Also, think of it as a way that you can move abroad while helping someone or supporting a community. Many volunteer options require a relatively small financial contribution or those that reimburse you almost entirely for the cost of volunteering. 

Choosing to volunteer you can go to any country and the organizers of such exchange often give you accommodation and food which also reduces costs. 

Because of the almost unlimited volunteering options, you can go to the country of your dreams and experience the culture and learn the language.

2. Study

The most common option and also the safest. Many universities welcome foreign students with open arms. There are also many programs supporting such exchange, such as Erasmus+ or Erasmus Mundus Master’s degree.  However, moving abroad and studying can sometimes be a bit expensive, so it is worth getting interested in various scholarships or grants. Many countries have government scholarships, which cover all or at least part of the tuition fees. They also provide a place in a dormitory or give a small supplement to the accommodation and give monthly pocket money for living in the foreign country. However, a lot depends on which country you go to.

You can also try to apply to study abroad from your university or look for different types of scholarships from a private organization. For instance scholarships from Google. They are very competitive and can be hard to get. However, it is worth giving yourself a chance and trying to apply. Studying abroad can be the adventure of a lifetime and also a very good investment in the future, which will enable you to get your dream job.

3. Internship

If you’re about to graduate or have a mid-semester break coming up, it might be a great time to start looking for an internship position. Here again, the numerous Erasmus programs that guarantee grants between 400 – 650 euro or even more. It all depends on what country you come from and where you are going. This option is worth considering if you want to work in the profession you are studying. We recently wrote how you can go on Erasmus+, if you are curious about the details on how to apply, check it out. 

However, maybe you are thinking about an internship in Turkey our team will be more than happy to help you. With us, you will get a professional workplace and support throughout your stay in Turkey. We will help you arrange all the documents needed for your departure, find your accommodation, and even help you get a residence permit for the duration of your internship. The only thing left for you it is moving abroad to Turkey.

If you want to go abroad to study, intern, or volunteer this is the best start. You can experience life in that country and maybe later decide if you want to move abroad. Remember it is all up to you, you need to take your time to gather information and consider which trip is right for you. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, it is up to you to decide. Gather information from your friends, university or write to strangers who have already been there. This will help you make the right decision.

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