Networking is one of the best things you can easily do. Expanding your contacts will bring you endless benefits from building a successful career to opening your business. The Erasmus+ Internship definitely allows you to gain very valuable contacts from all over the world. Just follow a few tips and you can benefit greatly.


What is networking?

In business terminology, networking is the process of creating new professional contacts and sharing information with them. Networking can take both formal and informal forms. It is largely up to you how to make the most of these situations.

This is actually one of the very pleasant processes of acquiring acquaintances not only look at for professional reasons but also maybe privately this person can be your best friend.

Where should I start?

Everywhere! There is no wrong place to talk to someone and exchange insights. Go to any event/congress/event with other interns. Make an effort to talk to everyone.

You never know which of today’s connections will pay dividends in the long run, so never pass up an opportunity to talk to someone new.

Focus on the right people

Many people confuse networking with collecting business cards and expanding contacts on their phones. The truth is that some people do that, but it’s not a good lead. Choose those people who can help your career in the future and put a little more effort into them. After all, more doesn’t mean better.

Try to be a connector

That’s another plus of networking, you have to try to be a connector with other people. Perhaps someone is currently looking for an IT job, but your company doesn’t have one, but you heard recently that your friend’s company is looking for someone for an IT position. 

You don’t always have to have all the benefits. Sometimes you just have to be the connector. And who knows maybe in the future you will be the one looking for help and someone else will be the intermediary.

Going on an Erasmus Internship is a great start to begin networking. New people, a new workplace, and new challenges are very good times to gain valuable contacts. Talk, listen and analyze, maybe you will find a business idea when you arrive in the country or someone will offer you a job through an acquaintance. In today’s world, even if you have excellent academic results and experience, acquaintances still play a big role. Therefore, try to take care of your future network of contacts in various fields, because you do not know what the world will bring.

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