Moving abroad for the first time can be stressful and comes with a lot of challenges. However, nowadays phones can make our lives much easier. There is an application for every challenge you might face while living abroad as an Erasmus student. From navigating the new city, finding the best restaurants to meeting new people and much more.

If you are planning to go to Turkey for your Erasmus exchange and want to learn about the most useful applications for your stay abroad, then this guide is for you.


When you are feeling sick or not in the mood to cook or go out to eat, you’ll need a food delivery app. The popular Turkish app to get food delivered right to your door step is Yemeksepeti. When you register with your address, the app will provide you a list of all the restaurants which deliver to your location. There are many restaurants available, ranging from fast food to Turkish cuisine and many more.


When you arrive to Turkey for your Erasmus exchange you will first need to get familiar with public transportation. It may be confusing at first, but there is an application called Moovit, which provides step-by-step directions between different locations. It will help you locate nearby bus stops and train stations as well as provide you real-time arrival updates.

If your destination is too far or not accessible by public transport you might need to use a taxi. BiTaksi allows you to find and request a taxi whenever you need it. You will be able to follow your taxi on the map and see the estimated fare calculation. It is reliable as only licensed taxi drivers are registered.

Language learning

While you can get by just by knowing English, knowing a couple of Turkish words and phrases will be much appreciated by the locals. It will also make your life easier when buying groceries from the bazaar or using public transportation.

A fun and free way to learn Turkish is by using Duolingo. It’s an application which offers lessons that use listening exercises, flashcards and multiple choice questions. It makes you stay motivated to learn with game-like features, fun challenges and reminders.

Making friends

Making international friends is one of the best aspects of an Erasmus exchange. InterNations is an expat social network which holds events in Turkey’s major cities, including Istanbul, Ankara and Bodrum. It helps you connect with expats in your city as well as provides all the information you need about your destination.

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